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Kenyan Students CAUGHT In Nude Act In The Bush

Kenya– Two love birds from a University in Kisumu County yesterday caused drama in Lela after they were caught making love in a bush.
The two from Maseno University decided to have the forest adventure thinking that no one would find them.
They left the college at around 5 pm since Lela centre is a few minutes away. They boarded a matatu and alighted at their destination before proceeding to a bush to romp. The two held hands and were seen laughing as they walked into the forest to do their thing.
According to a resident, college students were used to visiting the place since it has rocks and other natural scenes. He said that it was a common sight to see ‘couples’ going there to hike and enjoy the scenery.
However, the two had a hidden agenda. Locals said that they were alerted by school going children who told them that the two were having s*x in the bush somewhere behind the rocks.
At first the locals thought it was a joke. Idlers rushed to the area and indeed caught the two making passionate love with their clothes spread down for comfort. They threatened to beat them up and confisticated their clothes.
The two lovers claimed that they were broke and couldn’t afford to book a room. The locals refused to buy their reason arguing that students are usually the richest in the area.
At the end, the two had to part with 500 bob for their freedom and clothes.

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